Your Health Record

How to access your information

Everyone treated at one of our facilities has a health record.  These records contain documents such as reports from care providers, test results, treatments, and pharmacy information.  Health records can be paper based, electronically generated or a combination of both.

How do I request my health records?

You or your authorized representative can request access to or copies of your health record by completing an authorization form or sending a letter and submitting it in person or by mail to the Health Record Department at the location where you received care.  They will assist you in accessing the records you wish to see and are entitled to receive.

How long will it take to obtain copies of my health record?

You will receive a response within 15 business days from the date we receive your written request.

How can I request corrections to the information in my health record?

If you believe there is incorrect information in your health record, you can write to the Health Record Department at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare.  They will work with you to address your concerns.

Is there a fee to send copies of my records to another care provider?

Generally no, if the information is being shared to your physician/care provider, but you may be charged for special processing of your request.  For example, courier fees, special delivery, or other special processing services.

Fee Schedule for release of personal health information.

Patient's/SDM Paper Copies for Own Use

  1. No Family Physician - Minimum Data Set only:   No Charge
  2. Has a Family Physician - Minimum Data Set only:   $30 for the first 20 pages, $0.25/page thereafter
  3. Has a Family Physician - Requests Full chart regardless:   $30 for the first 20 pages, $0.25/page thereafter
  4. An Out of Country/Province patient/SDM requiring chart copies for either insurance or for continuing care purposes (note: records should've been provided to the patient at conclusion of visit):   No Charge

Proof Of:

  1. Birth or Death:  n/a. Requests should be filed to the Registrar General's Office at 1-800-267-8097.  More information is available at ServiceOntario's website.
  2. Birth Time:  $30
  3. Blood Type (no blood types released- refer patient to family physician):  n/a
  4. Dates Seen - Confirmation of Registration or Admission:  No Charge