Smoke-Free Grounds

In accordance with legislation under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, MAHC grounds are 100% smoke free.  Smoke-free grounds means smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere on MAHC properties in Bracebridge and Huntsville.  As a health care organization, we have an important role to play in promoting health and wellness in the communities we serve.  A smoke-free environment helps to create a healthier and safer place, and encourages and supports both patients and families and staff in making healthy choices.

Smoking Cessation

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare supports our patients, staff, physicians, volunteers and visitors in attempts to quit smoking.  Smokers' Helpline and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit offer resources and programs.  Hospital inpatients are also supported through our tobacco cessation program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I currently smoke. Does this mean I have to quit?

No. We are not asking you to quit smoking.  We are informing you where you can and cannot smoke as per the provincial legislation we must follow.

Where can I smoke?

You will be required to leave hospital property, and do so at your own risk. No escort will be available to assist you.  Admitted patients will be asked to sign a release of liability waiver to go off the property.  Please note all equipment owned by the hospital must remain on hospital property, including wheelchairs, IV poles, etc.

What are the boundaries of hospital property?

In Huntsville, the property extends along Frank Miller Drive to Muskoka Road 3 and includes all agencies located on Frank Miller Drive.  In Bracebridge, the property extends from Liddard Street to Ann Street.  The properties at each site include driveways, parking lots, walkways and forested areas.  Maps that show the boundaries of the properties are available at the information desks and at Patient Registration.

I am an admitted patient. Do I need special permission to leave the property?

Your health care team will determine if you are eligible to leave the patient care unit to smoke, and will ask you to sign a release of liability waiver.  Inpatients will also sign in/out at the care unit when they smoke.  If you are not eligible to leave the unit, or if you wish to have Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), please speak with your health care team about the options available to you.

Can I go to my vehicle to smoke?

No.  The smoke-free grounds policy includes all of MAHC's property, therefore you will not be able to smoke in your vehicle while it is parked on hospital property.

Does this violate my right to smoke and personal choice?

No.  There is no right to smoke enshrined in Canadian law.  We all have a right to a safe and secure environment and both science and law have established that any exposure to second-hand smoke is a hazard.

What are the consequences of smoking on hospital property?

Tobacco Enforcement Officers from the local health unit enforce the smoke-free grounds policy.  They respond to complaints and randomly inspect all hospitals.  Fines beginning at $305 can be issued to any person caught smoking on hospital property. 

If a patient violates the policy, the unit manager will be notified.  Some restrictions may be placed on privileges to leave the unit.

If a visitor continues to violate the smoke-free policy, they will be asked to leave the property. Further violations may be dealt with as per the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

Staff who violate the smoke-free policy will be subject to progressive disciplinary action and may be subject to charge(s) under the Act.