Quality of Service

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is committed to delivering excellent patient care that is based on quality and safety.  We want to ensure our health care services are consistent with the needs of the patients, families and communities that we serve.  While our programs and services evolve, our priority stays the same - continuously improve to ensure a safe, high-quality care experience. 

Definition of Quality

MAHC has a formal definition of quality that includes six elements:

Quality at MAHC results in shared decision-making between the patient/family and health care team to achieve a patient identified desired health outcome.  MAHC will deliver safe, effective, patient-centered services, efficiently, and in a timely fashion, resulting in optimal health status for our patients.
Element Patient Meaning Provider Meaning
Safe I will not be harmed by the health system. The care my patient receives does not cause the patient to be harmed.
Effective I receive the right treatment for my condition, and it contributes to improving my health. The care I provide is based on best evidence and produces the desired outcome.
Patient Centered My goals and preferences are respected. My family and I are treated with respect and dignity. Decisions about my patient's care reflect the goals and preferences of the patient and his or her family or caregivers.
Efficient The care I receive from all practitioners is well coordinated and efforts are not duplicated. I deliver care to my patients using available human, physical, and financial resources efficiently, with no waste to the system.
Timely I know how long I have to wait to see a doctor or for tests or treatments I need and why. I am confident this wait time is safe and appropriate. My patient can receive care within an acceptable time after the need is identified.
Equitable No matter who I am or where I live, I can access services that benefit me. I am fairly treated by the health care system. Every individual has access to the services they need, regardless of his/her location, age, gender, or socio-economic status.



















Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our entire organization, including our Board of Directors and our front-line health care professionals, works together to create a culture that supports safe, quality care.  We do this through a number of formalized documents and plans you will find in this section of the website, including: 

  • Information about our Electronic Health Record
  • Infection Prevention and Control monitoring, including  reporting of key indicators
  • Information about Medical Assistance in Dying
  • Our Patient Declaration of Values (Patient Values, Rights & Responsibilities)
  • Our Patient Safety Plan
  • Our Patient Satisfaction results
  • Our Quality Improvement Plan 
  • Information about how to access provincial wait time reporting