Patient Satisfaction

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) is an active participant in the Ontario Hospital Association's (OHA) Patient Satisfaction Survey process for both Acute Inpatient and Emergency Department care, with a goal to evaluate hospital care and services and to report to our partners and communities on how our health care system is functioning.

Through the patient satisfaction surveys, we receive information that helps us identify where we are doing well as well as highlighting where there are opportunities to improve our care and services.

The OHA's surveying partner National Research Corporation (NRC Picker) co-ordinates the patient satisfaction survey process for all participating hospitals.  We provide a list of discharged patients to NRC Picker, and they randomly select patients to receive the survey on a monthly basis throughout the year.  The survey is mailed directly to patients by NRC Picker and completed surveys are returned by mail to NRC.

Completion of the survey is voluntary and all responses are kept confidential.  NRC Picker analyzes the results of the returned surveys on our behalf and provides us with reports, which we review to assist in identifying where we are doing well and to highlight where we may have opportunities to improve the care and services we provide.

We appreciate the feedback that is provided to us through this survey process.  We encourage all patients and family members who are selected to complete the survey to express their opinions.  We thank you for your time and participation in this very important quality improvement initiative.

 2017-2018 Survey Results

 2018-2019 Survey Results

 April - June 2017

July - September 2017

October - December 2017

January - March 2018

 April - June 2018

The Survey Instrument

The survey is designed to measure what matters most to patients and provide data that can be used for targeted improvement by point of care staff.  The survey provides information about:

  • What do our patients want?
  • What do our patients value?
  • What helps or hinders their ability to manage their health problems?
  • What aspects of care are most important to them and their families?

Acute Inpatient Care

In addition, the survey currently measures the following dimensions of care for Acute Inpatient Care outlined in the table below:

 How would you rate this hospital?  Would you recommend this hospital to family and friends?
 Respect and dignity  Access to care
 Coordination of care  Admission into the hospital organized (direct admission)
 Responsiveness  Discharge transition planning and management
 Information sharing  Discharge planning
 Cleanliness  Hospital stay helpful
 Communication with doctors  Physical environment
 Communication with nurses  Pain controlled
 Emotional support  Post-discharge management
 Enough information given about admission process prior to arrival  Received information about condition and treatment
 Explanation about medications  Staff responsiveness
 Information shared with patients in the Emergency Dept.  Transfer from Emergency Dept. to hospital bed organized
 Internal coordination  Involvement in decision-making 
 Quietness  Overall hospital experience

Emergency Care

In addition, the survey currently measures the following dimensions of care for Emergency Care outlined in the table below:

 How would you rate the Emergency Dept. care?   Would you recommend this hospital to family and friends? 
 How well Emergency Dept. doctors & nurses communicate with patients  Communication with patients prior to their release
 Communication with patients about their medicines  Getting timely care

Tell Us Your Views

Your opinions and views are very important in helping to shape our programs and services.  If you have any compliments or concerns during your experience with us, please discuss them with your health care provider or the department manager.  Feedback is always welcome at Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare.