Parking is available at the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare hospital sites using an easy and convenient "pay on foot" system. Visitors take a ticket upon entering the parking lot and then validate the ticket and pay for parking prior to exiting.

All money collected through parking revenue supports direct patient care, and helps to offset the cost of parking lot maintenance, including snow removal.  Learn more by reviewing our parking policy.

Parking Rates

Parking for the first 15 minutes is free and $3.00 for the first half-hour or part thereof.       Each subsequent half-hour or part thereof is $2.00, to a per visit maximum of $7.00.

Less than 15 minutes  FREE
First half-hour (30 minutes) or part thereof  $3.00
Each half-hour (30 minutes) thereafter or part thereof  $2.00
Per visit maximum  $7.00

Paying for Parking

  1. Approach the parking gate and take a ticket. The gate will open and you will be able to enter the parking lot.
  2. Before you can exit the parking lot, you will need to take your parking ticket to one of the pay stations inside the hospital lobby areas.
  3. At the pay station, insert your parking ticket and pay the amount shown on the screen using cash or a credit card.
  4. Take your paid parking ticket back to your car, drive to the exit gate, and insert the paid ticket to lift the gates.

Parking Passes

Parking passes are available at Switchboard and/or the Business Office at both hospitals. Weekly parking passes are $30.00; monthly parking passes are $50.00; and six-month parking passes are $240.00.

Weekly (7 day) pass  $30.00
Monthly (30 day) pass  $50.00
Six month pass  $240.00

There is free parking at Almaguin Highlands Health Centre in Burk's Falls.