Electronic Health Record

In June 2015, Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) introduced a new health information system that has allowed both hospital sites to implement an electronic health record.
Through a unique partnership, MAHC joined the Grey Bruce Information Network to share patient care software with six hospital corporations, including Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital (live November 30, 2015).
Building, customizing and testing the new health information system for MAHC was a lengthy process involving more than 50 MAHC champions. To bring the new system into operation involved robust education and training of more than 600 staff and physicians.
This significant change has been part of MAHC's strategic direction to strengthen our information technology with a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art system. From a recruitment and retention point of view, electronic health records are what today's medical, nursing and other professionals expect at their workplace.
Connecting our patients to care through technology has required significant fundraising by both of our hospital foundations and we are grateful for their support and the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a donation toward this important project.

Improving quality of care and safety

Electronic health records change how clinical functions are documented and recorded by moving away from paper-based systems and paper patient records to electronic charting. Simply put, our health care provides are replacing their pens and paper charts with a keyboard and mouse attached to a Workstation on Wheels. These mobile workstations are being used by several departments - whether in the lab or pharmacy or at the bedside - to access the patient's record, and input and pass along the information about the patient in a seamless way. Electronic health records improve care and safety by standardizing documentation and best practices. They also:

  • ensure more accurate and more efficient data collection
  • decrease the time spent on charting and eliminate duplication of charting, giving our providers more time at the patient bedside
  • create an access point to patient information for all health care providers
  • provide real-time information about our patients, including lab results, medications and orders, in one place on one screen
  • allow multiple providers to access a patient's record at the same time in different locations
  • make it easier to share patient information available with other care providers in other facilities

Please note:

Implementing a project of this magnitude during our busiest time of the year has not been easy. Initially, the transition is creating potential delays and increased wait times while our staff adapt to new process flows. Our staff have been working diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible while continuing to focus on providing patients with safe, high-quality care. We appreciate your patience and understanding.