Stage 1 Proposal

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has granted MAHC approval to proceed to Stage 1 Proposal planning, the next step in the Ministry's capital planning process.  Stage 1 is one of five distinct stages in the Ministry's capital planning process. With the Ministry approval, the Health Capital Investment Branch has awarded up to $1 million in planning grant funds to MAHC.  The Stage 1 Proposal will further explore and evaluate development options for a future model of hospital care, and positions MAHC to move forward with more detailed planning and further analysis of the different models presented in MAHC's Pre-Capital Submission.  The work includes refreshing bed and service projections, further exploring potential capital costs and local share fundraising, a human resources plan, and consideration of the use of or potential re-purposing of the existing hospital sites.  MAHC has signed a planning agreement with the Ministry that sets out the project elements and planning parameters for the Stage 1 Proposal work.  Read more in our news release or watch a TVCogeco interview below.

Capital Plan Development Task Force

In moving forward with the next stage of hospital planning, the MAHC Board of Directors created a Capital Plan Development Task Force with broad membership to oversee the Stage 1 Proposal work and recommend a preferred model for the future to the Board.  Upon its formation in August 2017, the task force agreed to further review and refine potential models for the future.  Learn more about engagement around the models.

Components of Stage 1

The purpose of the Stage 1 Proposal is to initiate the creation of a more detailed portrait of the proposed capital initiative with descriptions and analysis of program and service elements (Part A), as well as physical and cost elements (Part B). It must contain:

 Part A

 Part B

Service Delivery Model Report

Present and future service delivery model
Projected future workloads and volumes (8, 15, 20, 30 years)
Options for delivering the changes in service delivery
Human Resource Plan for five-year timeframe
Preliminary operating cost estimate


Service Support Infrastructure Report

Spatial requirements
Multi-year infrastructure plan
Technical Building Assessment
Master Site Plan
Master Building Plan
Options for Master Plan


Business Case/Option Analysis


Facility Development Plan

Proposed floor plans
Proposed space summary
Implementation / phasing plan
Other operational issues
Funding/financing plan
Project estimates

The Board of Directors is excited to lead Muskoka and area through this next stage of future planning and looks forward to working collaboratively with key stakeholders to evolve and refine acute care development plans in line with the broader plans for person-centered primary care evolving from the MAHST initiative.