Social Media at MAHC

In an effort to stay connected with you, Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) has a Facebook page that is refreshed with new and exciting content during regular business hours Monday to Friday.

Social media is utilized by MAHC to provide information about our sites, to promote events and celebrate the great work of our staff, physicians and volunteers, and to share wellness information and news.  MAHC welcomes participation in online social media channels and provides the following guidelines to encourage positive and appropriate activity.

Guidelines for Social Media Participation

Maintain a positive environment

Post messages that are respectful of others. Unpleasant personal remarks are hurtful. Highly critical comments can make others wary of expressing their opinions. Feel free to disagree, but use respectful language. Profanity or discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.

Consider the privacy of your health information and those in your family

Be respectful of the privacy of patients, families and staff by not using names when posting comments, or providing any identifying details. You are responsible if you post any private details about yourself or your family.

Be responsible

You are responsible for the content that you post. Do not post content that is inaccurate, libellous or defamatory, or violates copyright laws. Endorsement, spam or solicitation is not permitted.

Be yourself and stick with what you know

Share your experience, and leave the medical advice to the clinical experts. If you are in crisis, call 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Department.

Use caution and common sense

Remember that information posted on any social media site could live in cyberspace forever. Consider the implications of that before sharing any information.


Under no circumstances is MAHC liable for any damages arising from or related to use of MAHC's social media channels. You acknowledge that you are personally liable for the content of your posts and the consequences thereof.