Evaluation Criteria

The Capital Plan Development Task Force is tasked with objectively evaluating the proposed models in order to recommend a preferred service delivery model to the Board of Directors.  To do this, the task force has established a comprehensive evaluation approach to analyze the different models.  The task force has approved broad, stakeholder-informed evaluation criteria and sub-criteria, and commissioned various data, reports and studies to support the evaluation exercise.  Task force members will complete the evaluation once all reports have been received and accepted by the task force.

Service Delivery Model (Part A) Evaluation Criteria

Patient & Family Centered

  • Facilitates clinical effectiveness and responsiveness
  • Assists recruitment and retention of staff, physicians and volunteers
  • Provides access to care with reasonable travel times
  • Impact on access to service


  • Cost to build
  • Cost to operate


  • Aligns with Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN priorities
  • Demonstrates shift/movement of program/services to community

Municipal Impact

  • Consistent with provincial, municipal and regional planning principles
  • Maintains strong local economies

Community Support

  • Fundraising capability required for local share
  • Community support

Infrastructure/Building Option (Part B) Evaluation Criteria

After a preferred service delivery model is approved, the task force will begin examining how the model would be supported by bricks and mortar ie: new build, renovation or a combination of both and recommend a preferred infrastructure option. T o do this, the task force will once again establish objective criteria to evaluate the various options in order to recommend a preferred infrastructure (building) option.