Leadership Team & Structure

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is fortunate to have a dedicated group of professionals focused on carrying out our mission of Proudly Serving our Communities - Delivering Best Patient Outcomes with High Standards and Compassion.  Each member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for a variety of programs and services as outlined in our Organizational Chart.

Natalie BubelaNatalie Bubela
Chief Executive Officer
705-789-2311, ext. 6002
Executive Assistant - Tammy Tkachuk






Dr. Biagio IannantuonoDr. Biagio Iannantuono
Interim Chief of Medical Staff
705-789-2311, ext. 2379
Executive Assistant - Liz Parrott






Esther Millar

Esther Millar
Chief Nursing Executive & Clinical Services
705-645-4404, ext. 3259
Executive Assistant - Christine Loshaw






Harold FeatherstonHarold Featherston
Chief Executive Diagnostics, Ambulatory & Planning
705-789-2311, ext. 2225
Executive Assistant - Paula Bildson






Robert Alldred-Hughes

Robert Alldred-Hughes
Chief Executive Human Resources & Support Services
705-645-4404, ext. 3110
Executive Assistant - Allison O'Mara






Terry ShieldsTerry Shields
Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services & Risk 
705-789-2311, ext. 2375