Plant & Facilities Services Staff

Plant and Facilities staff are the experts on our facilities.  They address the comfort and building concerns and ensure facility systems are working efficiently and are safe.  At MAHC, a trades-based team provides both specialized and general maintenance at the hospitals.  The third week of October, we are pleased to celebrate National Healthcare Facilities and Engineering Week and recognize the plant, maintenance and engineering staff within our organization.

Introducing Randy DempseyBehind the scenes, a highly-skilled and hands-on team is dedicated to general and specialized maintenance at the hospitals.
"Preventative maintenance is a big part of the job," says Randy Dempsey, one of the in-house experts on the physical plant and its mechanical systems. "Our work is more than the heating and cooling, hydro and plumbing. There is also precision medical equipment that we maintain and repair."
Plant and Facilities staff are involved in planning related to new equipment and the necessary engineering involved, and also maintain the grounds, such as the parking gates, helipads and emergency power systems.
"Everyday I am working at something different, and I really enjoy that part of the job," Randy says.



Introducing Rick BremnerRick Bremner is just one of the tradesmen working to keep the hospitals safe and in good condition and working order. As a Master Electrician, Rick has completed additional training to maintain his various licences. His role is to ensure the electrical system is running safely, and he brings specialty in motor controls.
"Having a team of trade-oriented people is a real benefit for hospitals in more remote areas," Rick says. "We have the necessary skills to be able to respond quickly to an urgent situation."
Although they work in the background sometimes out of sight, the Plant and Facilities staff are the experts on our facilities and contribute to the care patients receive by ensuring comfort and safety. Over his 20-plus years at the hospital, Rick says working with his peers has been the best part.



Introducing Larry MarshallLarry Marshall is no stranger to maintaining institutional buildings, having worked for the Near North School Board before joining the hospital's maintenance team in 2004. A certified plumber/electrician, Larry must stay up-to-date on a variety of codes and standards for health care facilities. The trades-based team is dedicated to both general and specialized maintenance and on a daily basis juggles the needs of the plant system and requests from the various departments. Larry and his wife have embraced the country life in Burk's Falls where they enjoy the company of their horses. He has a passion for motorcycles -- new and old.




Introducing Bret WilsonBret Wilson really enjoys working at the hospital. His specialty in gas fitting, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and ventilation brings a valuable resource to the team and to the plant's mechanical system. He is one of the team members working on a new building automation system that contributes to the comfort and safety of staff and patients. Every day his work brings something different, from fixing beds and wheelchairs to boilers and pumps, says Bret. He enjoys spending time with family and annual trips to the east coast with his wife on two wheels.



Introducing Murray FitchettMurray Fitchett has been part of the Plant & Facilities Services team for more than three decades. Over his many years at the SMMH Site, Murray has crawled through a lot of ceilings and seen a lot of changes. He is an Electrician by trade, but has learned to be a jack of all trades dedicated to both general and specialized maintenance. He enjoys the hands-on repair work that his team is responsible for -- whether it's a bed, a wheelchair or a receptacle that needs repairing. He is closely involved in renovation and construction projects. Murray is an avid hunter and loves to fish.





Introducing Ron GodfreyRon Godfrey spent years working directly with patients as a Clerk before taking a position to work with the Plant & Facilities Services staff instead. Behind the scenes, Ron coordinates the in-house Maintenance team's workload and the schedules of the Security staff. He is responsible for running MAHC's maintenance work request software and works with staff across the hospital to balance and prioritize their requests within each department's own commitment to clinical care. In his nearly 20 years at the hospital, Ron is a go-to person for helping to get the job done. At home, Ron has a soft spot for animals and enjoys coaching youth soccer and basketball locally.