Medical Radiation Sciences Staff

Medical Radiation Technologists (MRT) and Diagnostic Medical Sonographers are an essential link to providing patients with accurate diagnostic images or radiation-related procedures.  At MAHC these professionals work in the areas of Ultrasound, X-ray, CT, Mammography, Bone Mineral Densitometry and Interventional Radiology using complex medical equipment to provide diagnostic images, while also providing comprehensive, compassionate care to our patients.  The first week of November is dedicated to celebrating the work that they do.

Introducing Kim SutherlandJust like a detective, medical imaging staff are looking for clues that help to solve the medical mystery for inpatients and outpatients and those who arrive in an emergency situation. Kim Sutherland has worked at the hospital as a Sonographer for the past five years, where ultrasound technology is used to take a closer look at soft tissue, including internal organs. Ultrasounds are used on a day-to-day basis in examining the reproductive system, as well as in abdominal and pelvic scanning. Kim also specializes in cardiac and musculoskeletal scanning.
"We work in a team environment where communication with other departments is essential to patient safety," says Kim. "I love everything about my job. I get to stay with the patient throughout the exam and also be involved with the diagnostic process."



Introducing Richard MannRichard Mann has a love for photography, so it's no surprise he migrated toward a career that captures medical images of the body. As a Medical Radiation Technologist, Richard works independently and in collaboration with health care team members to analyze diagnostic images to assist in diagnosis and treatment. Ten years ago he helped to establish the Nuclear Medicine service, which uses an injected tracer to help us to understand how the body and different bodily process are working.
"Obtaining the best possible image so the test is worthwhile and directs treatment for the best possible outcome is the key," Richard says. "The test is always the same, but my experience with the patient is different every time."
Richard is also MAHC's Radiation Safety Officer for Nuclear Medicine.



Introducing Brenda AllenBrenda Allen is an MRT specialized in Mammography and Bone Mineral Density. She works diligently to help her patients feel at ease and to know that their exam is in capable and compassionate hands. She is focused on producing the best quality images that help the radiologists detect and diagnose breast cancer.  ver her 26 years at the hospital, imaging has evolved from film to digital.  ut for Brenda, it's the positive relationships that she has developed with patients that mean the most.
"They are a source of inspiration for me," says Brenda. "I am constantly inspired by their strength and courage."
Outside of work Brenda loves spending time with her husband and three daughters.




Introducing Mary Ann WilkMary Ann Wilk is proud to play a crucial role on the health care team as a Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT).
MRTs offer the imaging and radiation-related treatment and caring touch that allow patients to fully benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies. These allied health professionals work closely together and interface with every department in the hospital. Working in the CT Scan Suite, Mary Ann says MRTs are like the eyes into the patient for medicine.  She enjoys being part of a learning environment that trains students of all levels. Mary Ann is an outdoorsy person and loves being in Muskoka.




Introducing Nancy GulyasNancy Gulyas spends much of her day laughing with patients. It's how she helps women feel less anxious and more at ease when they come to the hospital for a mammogram that helps to detect breast cancer. Nancy has been part of the MAHC team since 1999, and has 26 years of experience in Mammography as a Medical Radiation Technologist. Moving from the stone ages of film to digital mammography at SMMH has been a significant and welcome change for Nancy, who was part of the team that hand-picked the new digital machine that was installed in March 2015. She is excited that the machine enables MAHC to be able to complete breast biopsies that prevent the need for surgical biopsies in the Operating Room. Nancy is also one of MAHC's electronic health record champions and has enjoyed the opportunity to train imaging staff on how to use the new system.



Introducing Cheryl DreweryCheryl Drewery is a familiar face in the Diagnostic Imaging Department, where she has worked as a Medical Radiation Technologist for 25 years. Cheryl is passionate about women's health and sees patients in both X-ray and Mammography.
She is committed to quality and works hard to capture the best possible images for the Radiologist to interpret and diagnose patients. In her role, Cheryl also supports Cambrian College students who come to MAHC for clinical training in Medical Radiation Technology.
Cheryl's compassion is evident in her daily work and believes if she can go home from work knowing she has helped at least one patient have a better exam, she has done her job well.