Medical Device Reprocessing Staff

Medical Device Reprocessing Technicians are critical to safe patient care. They are responsible for decontaminating, cleaning, processing, assembling, sterilizing, storing and distributing the medical devices and supplies needed in patient care, especially during surgery. The second full week of October is dedicated to celebrating the work that they do.

Introducing Nancy MacLeanNancy MacLean is just one of the medical device reprocessing technicians working to ensure you receive safe, high-quality care. For nearly 10 years now, Nancy has been part of a core team that cleans, sterilizes and prepares reusable medical/surgical instruments and scopes. We work hand-in-hand with staff in all care areas, to ensure the instruments they need are sterile and ready for patients."
Technicians are certified to ensure competency and must remain current in their practice and training. In addition, a recent renovation to the workspace has aligned the department to meet standards and regulations around reprocessing, Nancy says. It has also resulted in improved workflow and comfort. During her tenure, she has worked at both Muskoka hospitals.




Introducing Julie WilliamsJulie Williams is all too familiar with the importance of proper cleaning and disinfection. Julie spent five years on the floor as a Registered Practical Nurse before joining the Medical Device Reprocessing team. "The background experience I gained from nursing really helped me to understand the rationale of this kind of behind-the-scenes work that goes in to safe, high-quality care," says Julie. "In health care, this is one area where the job must be done right the first time."
Technicians like Julie bring a wealth of knowledge in microbiology and aseptic and sterilization techniques. They are well-versed in times and temperatures used in the various equipment, and regularly make decisions on how and when a device should be reprocessed.




Introducing Cindy SmithCindy Smith is just one of the staff working to ensure patients receive safe, high-quality care at the hospital. For almost 15 years Cindy has been part of a core team that cleans, sterilizes and prepares reusable medical and surgical instruments and scopes.
Medical device reprocessing technicians are certified to ensure their competency and must remain current in their practice and training. She feels good knowing she is doing her part to protect patient safety at the hospital.
Cindy lives in Huntsville with her husband and has enjoyed working at both MAHC sites, as well as in Burk's Falls and at Fairvern. When she's not working, she enjoys quilting and spending time with her grandkids.



Introducing Lori GrayCaring for others is in Lori Gray's blood. She comes from a family of nurses and other health care professionals and has certainly made the rounds in her two decades at MAHC. Lori started her career at the hospital as a Ward Clerk and also worked part-time for Red Cross as a Personal Support Worker. When the opportunity to get certified as a Medical Device Reprocessing Technician came along, Lori took advantage. She loves working with instruments and while she may have missed her chance to be a surgical nurse, she is proud her work supports safe care. Lori is a daredevil at heart when not working, whether she is off parasailing, zip-lining or going on off-road adventures while travelling the world.