Master Program & Master Plan

*Updated April 18, 2016

A Master Program and a Master Plan are two planning studies that explore in detail and articulate Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare's future program/service planning and the related future physical infrastructure planning.  Ultimately, the Master Program and Master Plan help to support MAHC proposal(s) for new or renovated capital infrastructure.

Master Program

The first step in the process is the development of the Master Program.  Our Master Program will outline the type and extent of health care services that MAHC intends to deliver.  In other words, the Master Program reflects a health care facility's present and future service role within the community.  It outlines current and projected future programs and services, workload, staffing and departmental space requirements by site.  The Master Program reflects current LHIN studies, service alignments, and volume projections in 5-, 10- and 20-year increments to the year 2032/33.  It incorporates options for delivering changes in service delivery.  This will entail review and analysis of integration opportunities with other hospitals, family health teams and/or community services, transitioning of care from inpatient to outpatient and from hospital into the community, among other scenarios.  MAHC's Master Program was developed in collaboration with staff, physicians, volunteers, foundation representatives, and community health care providers.

MAHC's Master Program was completed in October 2015, and revised in February 2016.

Master Plan

The second step is the development of the Master Plan.  The Master Plan supports and demonstrates potential for developing our sites, and is a high-level design view of how our sites could be developed to meet future requirements over the next 50 years.  Master planning is a process that evaluates the condition and potential use of existing buildings and systems and defines long-term development strategies for specific sites, campuses or communities to support the future delivery of health services as described in the Master Program.  The Master Plan also provides a context for MAHC's infrastructure renewal planning.  The development of a Master Plan is divided into five basic elements, which overall evaluate and summarize: the condition of the existing hospital sites and buildings; the options for future development of the existing, and potential other sites over a 20-year timeframe in alignment with the outcomes of the Master Program; and the benefits of pursuing different site and building options.  MAHC's Master Plan was developed in conjunction with architects and planners.

MAHC's Master Plan Status Report was revised in January 2016 and includes five appendices.
Appendix A - Technical Building Assessment
Appendix B - Master Site Plan
Appendix C - Master Building Plan (Revised)
Appendix D - Cost Estimates (Revised)
Appendix E - Fairvern Nursing Home Report (*new as at April 2016)