Laboratory Staff

Laboratory professionals play a vital role in every aspect of health care.  Working behind the scenes, laboratory services staff perform critical testing every day that assists with diagnosis and treatment.  National Medical Laboratory Week is an annual celebration in April to promote awareness and understanding of the role of medical laboratory professionals in the health care system.

At the hospital, these invididuals include Lab Technologists, Lab Technicians and Lab Transcriptionists.

Introducing Chris BakerChris Baker's desire to work in health care goes back to her high school days.
"I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field and I thought about nursing.  But as soon as I walked through the lab during a Careers Day I knew it was where I wanted to work."
In 2017, Chris, a Senior Lab Technologist, received a long service award for her commitment to MAHC for 30 years. She works in the area of hematology and transfusion medicine.  She examines white blood cells and hemoglobin to determine infection or anemia, and cross-matches blood for transfusions.
"At the end of the day it's a good feeling, especially in a trauma situation, to know that you have helped people through a hard time and helped save lives."




Introducing Alana McCabeAlana McCabe found her calling in the Laboratory from her interest in science and healthcare, and joined the hospital team after completing a college internship five years ago.  Working as a Lab Technologist in all areas of MAHC's two labs - from core lab like Chemistry, Haematology and Blood Bank to Histology and Microbiology - Alana enjoys being part of the investigative and analytical team, and is proud to be an important part of the patient's health care journey.  She moonlights as a Dispatcher for the local ambulance service and is excited to be participating in her third Golf Fore the Girls tournament in support of the hospital.




Introducing, Graham RichardsGraham Richards was looking for a change when he left the carpentry trade in construction, and moved north to start a career in health care. For the past five years, Graham has been a Lab Technologist in "core lab", which includes Chemistry, Haematology and Blood Bank at both MAHC sites. His commitment to high-quality care is doing his best for the patient each and every day -- whether cross-matching blood products to ensure compatibility for a patient, or double-checking a patient's identity to ensure lab results are provided to the right person.





Introducing Marikay FilesMarikay Files has been part of the Laboratory team at the SMMH Site since 1991.  The investigative side of medicine inspired her to become a Lab Technologist where she conducts lab tests on blood, body fluids and body tissue.  The results that she interprets on a daily basis provide critical information used by doctors to diagnose and treat illness.  Accuracy in her work and preventing any spread of infection are important to Marikay and her commitment to safe patient care.  She enjoys working in a community hospital with a tight-knit team.  Marikay also contributes to the quality of labs outside of Muskoka as a peer assessor for the Ontario Laboratory Association.




Introducing Lynn FeaverLynn Feaver was working as a Lab Technologist in Niagara when she was charmed into working at MAHC 25 years ago. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to move permanently to Muskoka where she cottaged since childhood. Over the years, Lynn has grown from a Senior Technologist in Haematology to a Charge Technologist overseeing technical day-to-day operations. Problem solving with her team is rewarding as her co-workers deserve so much credit for what they do every day. Lynn is also instrumental to the new electronic Lab Information System and Ontario Lab Accreditation process. When she's not at work, she loves cooking, travelling, sailing and spending time with her family.




Introducing Lisa FarnsworthLaboratory Technician Lisa Farnsworth has been part of the MAHC family since 1989, beginning her career at Switchboard/Ambulance Dispatch. Lisa always wanted to more directly support patient care and pursued education to work in the Lab. Lisa feels privileged to be part of the team providing a unique laboratory service in Burk's Falls. The best part of her day is interacting with patients while she performs duties like monitoring heart activity and collecting blood for testing. Lisa is a certified Health and Safety OPSEU representative and enjoys golf, gardens and grandchildren.