Health Information Services Staff

Health Information Services staff contribute to the promotion of wellness and the provision of quality health care through excellence in health information management. They are committed to ensuring the quality and availability of timely, accurate and relevant data regarding all MAHC patients and their confidential health record. At MAHC, these individuals include Health Information Management Professionals, Coders and Clerks and we acknowledge their contributions to the health care team during Health Information Professionals Week every March.

Allow us to introduce...

Introducing Kelly KlingbeilHealth Records staff like Kelly Klingbeil put information in the hands of our health care providers. They interact regularly with medical staff and care providers and ensure the patient's chart is complete. Health Records staff are specialists in managing confidential records, collating and retaining the patient's health record for their future care. They are also MAHC's privacy watchdogs and oversee the release of any patient information. They are experts in medical terminology and work closely with transcriptionists. In her 35 years at the hospital, Kelly has been a candy striper and also spent 20 years in Food & Nutrition Services.
"The hospital is like my home away from home and the people I work with are like my family. I trust them with my life," says Kelly. "And I know that the care we are providing is top-notch."



Introducing Teresa GliddonTeresa Gliddon has been a Health Records Clerk at the hospital since 2009, and has worked at MAHC since 1999. When a patient is admitted to the hospital, Teresa checks for any previous admissions and sends that information to the appropriate nursing area.  When patients are discharged, she ensures the chart is properly assembled, and that physicians have signed off on all the orders and notes.  Health Records is also in charge of any release of health information. Keeping patient information confidential is part of Teresa's commitment to safe, high-quality care. When she's not working with her favourite group of ladies, she enjoys hitting the snowmobile and ATV trails with her husband and five-year-old son.




Introducing Kaileigh AdieKaileigh Adie joined the MAHC team in 2010 after graduating as a Personal Support Worker. She also has worked as a clerk in Diagnostic Imaging, Patient Registration and on the Medical/Surgical floor. Finding she liked administrative work, Kaileigh jumped at the chance to work in the Health Records department. On a day-to-day basis, Kaileigh ensures patient charts from Day Surgery and the Emergency Department are complete and properly compiled and assembled with all the required documentation and physician sign-off. She files and retrieves old charts as needed to support patient care and answers requests for releasing health information. Quality assurance is very important for patient records and Kaileigh likes that she can follow through on her own work. She enjoys feeling like she is making a difference in her own way by contributing to patient care at her local hospital.



Introducing Beverley TurcotteBeverley Turcotte is quick to admit that once she started working at MAHC six years ago, she was hooked. She had been working at a factory when she decided to go back to school for Medical Office Administration. Bev spent her co-op placement at MAHC as a Ward Clerk and was fortunate to join the team part-time, working as a clerk on the inpatient floor, in the Emergency Dept. and in Materials Management. Moving into Health Records was a perfect opportunity for full-time employment in an area where she could put her newly-acquired skills to use. Working as a Health Records Clerk, Bev is responsible for compiling admitted patient charts, sorting through physician transcriptions and ensuring the charts are complete and all physician orders are signed off. She enjoys time with her family, which includes fishing and hunting.