Hay Group Operational Assessment

In light of ongoing funding shortfalls and continual challenges to balance the budget under the Health System Funding Reform formula, Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare engaged the Hay Group to complete an operational assessment of the Emergency and Surgical Services Departments at both MAHC sites in 2015. The Hay Group is a leading consultant specialist in conducting organizational assessments in the health care field and has completed previous reviews for MAHC.

The Hay Group's review of the Emergency and Surgical Services Departments was done because MAHC is not meeting operating benchmarks related to cost compared to our peers, and because our actual costs are higher than what the funding model provides. The Hay Group's report provides direction on areas MAHC could further investigate to achieve efficiencies and cost savings through modifying our operations.

Some of the recommendations from the Hay Group are significant and propose major service restructuring. The Hay Group report is strictly directional and offers MAHC some advice on cost-saving measures that could be further explored by MAHC.

The Board of Directors received the Hay Group report as information only and understands work is underway by each department to review whether or not it is feasible to implement the recommendations before the Board makes any decisions.

The report is not a reflection on the quality of care we are providing.  Rather, the report suggests areas that we can further investigate to achieve cost savings.  The report also identifies that some of MAHC's excess costs are a structural issue that cannot be solved without additional funding, or a significant increase in our volumes that generate revenue. 

For more information, please review our media release, read the CEO Blog, or watch the January 6, 2016 interview with TVCogeco below.