Energy Usage and Efficiency

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act applies to every public hospital or agency that owns or leases premises and pays for the energy used in conducting its business. 

Effective July 1, 2013, hospitals must report the following:

  • annual energy use
  • total floor area, days and hours of operation in the year
  • types and total amounts of energy consumed (water, gas, electricity)
  • total amount of greenhouse gas emissions for the year

The first year of required data reporting is 2011. These results can be found in the following documents:

MAHC Energy Reporting 2011
MAHC Energy Reporting 2012
MAHC Energy Reporting 2013
MAHC Energy Reporting 2014
MAHC Energy Reporting 2015
MAHC Energy Reporting 2016

Effective July 1, 2014, hospitals must report previous, current and proposed measures for conserving energy, including a forecast of the expected results of current and proposed measures. Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare's five-year Energy Conservation Demand Management plan includes:

  • goals and objectives
  • proposed measures
  • cost and saving estimates
  • description of renewable energy generation
  • estimated length of time until the measures will be in place
  • senior management sign-off

Greening Healthcare

In 2010, MAHC joined Greening Healthcare, a program that helps hospitals work together to lower energy costs, raise their environmental performance and contribute to health and well being of communities.

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2011

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2012 - HDMH Site
Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2012 - SMMH Site

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2013

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2014

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2015

Greening Healthcare Annual Report 2016

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