Energy Efficiency

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is committed to a sustainable future and has made significant efforts toward reducing the impact our hospitals pose on the environment. In 2010, MAHC joined Greening Healthcare, a program that helps hospitals work together to lower energy costs, raise their environmental performance and contribute to health and wellbeing of communities.

With support from the North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN, MAHC began a joint energy initiative project with three other hospitals in North Simcoe Muskoka to assess our facilities from an energy savings perspective. Benchmarking revealed that by upgrading heating and domestic hot water systems, lighting systems and building automation systems, and balancing the ventilation systems, MAHC can achieve annual utility consumption savings of 22% at the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital Site and 25% at the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital Site.

In February 2013, the Board of Directors approved an energy retrofit initiative that will create a more comfortable environment for patients and staff and will reduce our carbon footprint by making our facilities more energy efficient. Through this project and by influencing the behaviour of our staff, we will implement the changes that will bring about a projected $350,000 in annual energy savings and eliminate over 2,150 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually from being emitted into the environment.

Beginning in May 2013, the 18-month project will cost $2.8 million to be borrowed and financed over a payback period. The efficiencies and savings generated in the long term will be reinvested into patient care.

Public Reporting

Like all other hospitals in Ontario, MAHC is required to publicly report the energy usage in the hospital facilities. We look forward to bringing you updates on our progress as this project rolls out.

Special Recognition

MAHC received a Silver Seal Award through the Ontario Hospital Association's Green Hospital Scorecard for our environmental performance in 20172016 and in 2015

The Green Hospital Scorecard is a benchmarking and recognition program that evaluates environmental performance in five areas: energy, waste, water, pollution prevention, and corporate leadership, planning and management.  It is a tool that helps hospitals to assess their environmental performance relative to peers and helps identify potential areas for improvements to environmental performance and operational efficiencies.  We look forward to improved scorecards in the future.

In 2014 and in 2013, MAHC received a Bronze Seal Award