Diabetes Education Staff

Expert education and support is essential to help prevent and manage diabetes.  Our diabetes education team help our patients learn as much as possible about living with diabetes.  At MAHC, these health care professionals include Registered Nurses and Dietitians and we are proud to celebrate their contributions to high-quality care during Diabetes Awareness Month in November. 

Introducing Jane O'BrienJane O'Brien has worked in many settings as a Registered Nurse from the private sector to the public sector, and was ready for a change when she joined MAHC's Diabetes Education Program team in June.
She brings with her experience in chronic disease education and enjoys being able to provide health coaching to patients. She is working toward becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator.
In her role with the Diabetes Education Program, Jane educates clients on how to self-manage their Diabetes so they can lead long and healthy lives.
She finds it rewarding that in this type of nursing she is teaching knowledge that gives clients the power to keep themselves well.
Jane has two daughters both attending post-secondary education. She is a dog lover and has been warmly welcomed to her new Muskoka neighbourhood where she is enjoying the great outdoors.



Introducing Kim BendallSupporting adults with diabetes is what inspires Kim Bendall to come to work every day. She is proud to offer patients individualized care as the Registered Dietitian on MAHC's Diabetes Education Program team.
Her focus is on the role that nutrition plays in managing diabetes.
Education is offered both one-on-one and in group settings to support the patient's care plan and empower them to lead a normal lifestyle.
For Kim, treating people living with chronic diseases and conditions can become very personal.
"What I like about a small hospital is you get to know the patient behind the diagnosis," she says. "My advice to patients is simple: know your risk, get tested and refer yourself to our education program if you need us."



Introducing Steven JamesIf a diabetes diagnosis is impacting your life, take heart in knowing we have a team of health care providers to help, like Registered Nurse Steven James.
Diabetes Education staff provide services that are tailored to the needs of the client to help them learn as much as possible about living with and how to manage diabetes.
"We provide group and individual education and specialized counselling services. As part of this, we can help our clients with starting insulin therapy," explains Steven. "Take care of your body. Have a healthy diet and be active every day. Regular physical activity may help lower your blood glucose levels, and helps promote weight loss, reduces stress and enhances overall fitness."
Diabetes clients may refer themselves to the Diabetes Education Programs to access support and resources.



Introducing Kim Crichton-StruthersWhen the challenge of managing your diet is too great, MAHC's Diabetes Education team is on your side.
Registered Dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators, like Kim Crichton-Struthers educate patients about the importance of good nutrition and exercise in managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.
"Healthy meal planning and educating clients about how different foods affect their blood sugar levels is part of what I do," says Kim. "I also provide support in adjusting diet and medications for better blood sugar levels and good weight management."
She joined MAHC in 2009 after a one-year internship in the Ottawa Valley.
She is a highly-certified snowboard instructor and has two children.