Bylaws, Policies and Governance Plan

The affairs of a hospital are governed by the Board of Directors who stand in a fiduciary relationship with the hospital corporation.  The fiduciary duties that are owed by a hospital director to the corporation are among the highest standard of conduct that the law imposes.

The following documents guide and assist the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare voluntary Board of Directors to carry out their duties and responsibilities:

Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Bylaw

Governance Plan

Governance Policies and Procedures Manual

Establish Strategic Direction

Mission, Vision and Values
Strategic Planning
Strategies & Strategic Directions

Provide For Excellent Management

Board/CEO Relationship & Reports
Chief Executive Officer Position Description 
Chief of Staff Position Description
Executive Compensation
Performance Review - CEO/COS
Succession Planning, Chief Executive Officer
Succession Planning, Chief Executive Officer
Talent Management

Ensure Program Quality And Effectiveness

Accessibility Standards
Auditing Process, Professional Staff Credentialing and Appointment
Definition of Quality
Patient- and Family-Centered Care
Professional Staff Appointment and Credentialing 
Quality of Care Reviews 
Service Animals
Support Person

Financial Viability

Banking Guidelines
Capital Assets & Capitalization
Corporate Records
Enterprise Risk Management
Financial Donations to External Organizations
Financial Planning / Financial Condition
Financial Statements & Returns
Fraud Risk Assessment
Insurance and Asset Protection
Investment of Surplus Funds
Management of Donations
Political Activities
Signing Authority
Signing Authority, Bank Cheques
Supply Chain Code of Ethics
Trust & Specific Purpose Funds

Ensure Board Effectiveness

Application to Serve on Board of Directors
Board Agenda Development and Use of Consent Agenda
Board Policy and Governance Review
Board Recruitment and Election Process
Code of Conduct, Board of Directors
Confidentiality, Board of Directors
Conflict of Interest, Board of Directors
Corporate Decision Making Framework
Delegations to the Board
Director and Non-Director Annual Declaration Policy
Director Selection Guidelines
Education, Board of Directors
Electronic Meetings, Board of Directors
Evaluation Process, Board of Directors
Governance Performance Management Framework
Meeting Attendance, Board and Committees
Meetings Without Management
Mentorship Program, Board of Directors
Minute Taking Standards
Open and In-Camera Board Meetings
Orientation, Board of Directors
Police Criminal Record Checks for Board Applicants
Recognition of Board Service
Resignation and or Removal of a Director
Responsibilities of Elected and Ex-Officio Directors
Role Description - Board Chair
Role Description - Board Secretary
Role Description - Board Treasurer
Role Description - Board Vice-Chair
Role Description - Committee Chair
Roles and Responsibilities, Board
Rules of Procedure
Selection Process, Board Officers
Selection Process, Committee Chairs and Membership
Succession Planning, Board of Directors

Foster Relationships

Board Accountability Statement
Board Award of Excellence
Commitment To Integration
Community Representatives on Standing Committees
Corporate Communications and Media Call Policy
Corporate Partnerships

Terms of Reference

Audit Subcommittee 
Capital Plan Development Task Force Part B Planning Terms of Reference
Executive Committee
Governance Committee
Nominations Committee
Quality & Patient Safety Committee
Resources & Audit Committee
Strategic Planning Committee