Board Award of Excellence

The Board Award of Excellence is presented by the Board of Directors to recognize and honour the outstanding performance and achievements of staff and physicians who contribute to the successes of the Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare organization every day.

The peer-nominated award is presented annually in June at our Annual General Meeting.

The award is designed to promote, reward and recognize staff and physicians who best demonstrate MAHC's values through significant achievements in one or more of the following criteria:

  • significant achievement in patient- and family-centered care or client service;
  • significant accomplishment in the management of people, financial resources or material resources;
  • successful completion of a major project of special assignment in a manner beyond what could normally be expected;
  • an outstanding initiative which has resulted in significant monetary and/or non-monetary benefits to MAHC in regards to increasing efficiency, effectiveness, improving patient/client service delivery or displaying innovation and creativity in their work environment; and/or
  • an extraordinary commitment to patient safety, has championed a new patient safety initiative or process or has thought of an innovative solution to a patient safety issue.

And the winners are...


2018 Board Award of Excellence winners  2018 Board Award of Excellence winner - Anne Murdy 

Tanya Ball, Ward Clerk; Dr. Keith Cross, Family Physician; Pauline Pearsall, Senior Lab Technologist; Anne Murdy, Dietary Aide.


 2017 Board Award Recipient  Ann Swan, Lab Transcriptionist   2017 Board Award Recipient   Irene Tamas Murray, Manager, Ambulatory Services 2017 Board Award Recipient  Lesley-Anne Earl, RN, Med/Surg

2017 Board Award Recipient  Linda Scott, Senior Imaging Technologist/Clinical Instructor


2016 Board Award of Excellence recipients

2016 Board Award of Excellence recipient Alana Major





Dan Moloney, Manager, Information Technology; Carolann Woods, Environmental Services Aide; Natalie Bubela, Chief Executive Officer; Laura Derbyshire, Registered Nurse, Clinical Lead; Alanna Major, Registered Nurse, Intensive Care Unit.


2015 Board Award of Excellence recipients















Steff Goltz, Systems Analyst; Dr. Jennifer Macmillan, Surgeon; Allyson Snelling, Communications & Executive Assistant; Way Lem, RN - Emergency


2014 Board Award of Excellence winners  Board Award of Excellence winner Dan Gaughan  Board Award of Excellence winner Dr. Hector Roldan

Monique Charlton, Business Analyst; Rick Bremner, Lead Hand - Electrician; Dan Gaughan, RN - Emergency Department; Dr. Hector Roldan, General Surgeon.


2013 Board Award of Excellence Winners

Darlene Rosbottom, Laboratory Charge Technologist (absent from photo); Steve Cairns, RN - Emergency Department; Eileen McHugh, Materials Management; Dr. Tony Drohomyrecky, Urologist. 


2012 Board Award of Excellence Winners

Kristen Bell, RN - Obstetrics; Dr. David Johnstone, Internal Medicine; Frankie Dewsbury, Manager of Health Information, Privacy & Access; and Christine Loshaw, Executive Assistant.


2011 Board Award of Excellence winners

Bev Leslie-Suddaby, Manager of Food & Nutrition Services and Diabetes Education Programs; Robert Hughes, Director of Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness; Kim Nelson, Registered Practical Nurse; Bonnie Hopson, RN - Emergency (absent from photo).

2010 - photo not available

Susan Hughes, Registered Practical Nurse; Judy McRae, Respiratory Therapist; Sara Tumber, RN - Emergency Department; Dr. David Mathies.


Board Award of Excellence winner Jeanette Earl (Nicoletti)       Board Award of Excellence winner Don Muller     Board Award of Excellence winner Jean Dempsey

Maurice Leblond, Diagnostic Imaging Charge Technologist (absent from photo); Jeannette Earl (Nicoletti), Health Records; Don Muller, Physiotherapist; Jean Dempsey, Dietary Aide; Tammy Tkachuk, Executive Assistant (absent from photo).


2008 Board Award of Excellence winners

Murray Reid, Cook/Dietary Aide; Karen Moore, Nurse Manager; Dr. Biagio Iannantuono, General Surgeon; Christine Maurer, OTN/Education Coordinator.