Capital Plan Development Task Force Update #6/7

Posted on Friday November 24, 2017

MAHC Capital Plan Development Task Force logo

The Capital Plan Development Task Force met twice recently, on October 30 and November 13, 2017.

The task force welcomed a new physician representative from the Gravenhurst area, Dr. Graeme Gair, in place of Dr. Kersti Kents.

The task force received an update on the Integrated Project Management Framework, which has been finalized and submitted to the Health Capital Investment Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as required by the Stage 1 project grant planning agreement.

The task force discussed the results of the first feedback survey that closed after Thanksgiving. Members of the public provided their opinions on the survey questions through over 2,100 survey responses. Task force members identified different themes of the survey results and discussed the top six recurring themes. There was agreement to provide an overview of the results on the MAHC website. The task force also discussed media clips related to the survey and the Stage 1 planning work. Further dialogue occurred with respect to the evaluation criteria and the different metrics to be used for objectively measuring and evaluating the different models.

The importance of donor support today for the two sites  and the millions in equipment, technology and infrastructure  that is needed now to maintain today’s services was also a focus of conversation. These short-term more immediate needs are equally important to a future vision and plan for the year 2030 and beyond.

The task force meeting schedule was confirmed for 2018.

The next task force meeting is November 27, 2017.